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Airsoft military simulation: Tactics, strategy and real-combat scenarios

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Military simulation is one of the main ways airsoft equipment is being used nowadays. The ability to simulate real-life tactics and combat situations without using real fire and firearms is a great advantage for military units - military simulation, also known under the term Milsim, is an extraordinary force of training methods and models, taking military simulation into a whole new level of performance. Military Simulation on a high level with a professional attitude than just a regular drill using blanks or outdated replica.

Using airsoft for training

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Airsoft gaming first started and gained popularity in Asia, and evolve to countries where the recreational activity of shooting real guns barely existed. The real feeling those replica guns accessories and amazingly designed grenade provide, creates not only a fun experience but also used for training purposes.

Firing positions and aiming with m203

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For short range targets, place leaf sight down and use rifle sights. Estimate distance to target and be sure to aim at the foot of the target.