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This consumer product made for using at “Paintball” or “Airsoft” games, for imitation of frag or smoke hand grenades.


R2B – 0.50cal paintballs fragmentation

R2Bs – 0.20 airsoft BBs fragmentation

R2Bm – Powder Marking

Detonation after safety lever releasing – 3 seconds

“Illumination” effective radius – 5-15m


Limitation of use:

      1.      This product designed for using on Airsoft or Paintball games.

      2.      Using of this product is allowed only when all participants of the action are using proper safety equipment, designed for Paintball or Airsoft games.


This is forbidden to:

Use this product with no head and eyes safety equipment.

Use this product with no “full finger” safety gloves.

Trying to pick-up or throw away the R2B grenade after initiation (without safety pin with ring).

Use this product before ensuring that it will not injure the health or property of other players.

Hold a grenade more time that necessary for throwing it after pulling the safety pin out.

Use this product before reading its manual instruction.


Operating the hand grenade:

1.      Grip the hand grenade in the throwing hand as shown on picture.

      2.      Hold the safety lever tight with fingers.

      3.      Grasp the pull ring with the index or middle finger of the non-throwing hand and remove the safety pin with a pulling motion.

      4.      Throw the grenade preventing release of the safety lever while holding.


While removing the safety pin, control the finger pressure on safety lever to prevent a premature ignition.



Flamability test

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Guys from ATC (AirsoftTacticalCorps) performed safety test.

"We wanted to test the Grenade in regards to starting a fire. We used Dry Leaves and News Paper. After Detonation We investigated the debris for any fire damage and found non. The outside is a Thin polyurathane and inside has what looks to be foam which seems to Absorb any type of heat that it produces. The smoke you see is the Chemical reaction starting."

Click here to see video 

Get Ready for Fun with ONE2ONE paintballs

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Have a refreshing experience and enjoy a session of paintball using these ONE2ONE paintballs. Made for use with 0.68-caliber mag-fed markers, it is suitable with projectiles that are First Strike.