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AK Grenade Launcher TAG-015

The “TAG-15”™ Shell-less Grenade Launcher. This GL is allowing you to shoot without using any preloaded cartridges like a TAG “Shells” or “BB Showers”, but by directly inserting a 40mm TAG projectiles inside a “TAG-15” riffled barrel.


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“Velum” – Smoke grenade

“Velum” designed for a Smokescreen or waypoint marking purposes and has very important features like a lightweight, traumatic, fire and health safety, very dense smoke that produces during the “cold burning” process.

Airsoft Games: Taking Tactical Innovation games to the next level

Airsoft is a sport, played in groups and made to imitate a combat scenario. Mostly recreational in nature, the game is played as a hobby for many, but due to the level of technology and the accuracy of the products we offer, this game is valuable for armies and police forces around the world for training purposes.

In the game, the players “hit” each other using a replica of weapons of fire arms, shooting nonmetallic pellets. Similar to paintball, but much closer to reality, the players in the game use revolutionary combat products and accessories that help imitate combat situations, without the danger involved in real weapons. The Airsoft guns and grenades used in the game are made to emulate real weapons, but they are not made to hurt anyone.

Where real life combat meets fantasy war field

Airsoft was developed in the late seventies in Japan but started gaining popularity only in the mid-eighties, when the development of Airsoft equipment grew stronger. Sophisticated Products such as Airsoft pyrotechnical hand grenades are what takes this sport to the point where playing meets real life combat and turns into an exciting, lively experience. Using our products, the game will take you deep into the highest level of reality, without anyone getting hurt.

Airsoft products based on a high level of technology and innovation

War games are not only on your game console anymore, you can feel the excitement and the rush using our sophisticated products that are constantly being updated to the latest models.
The players use special Airsoft Guns and shoot projectiles that are made to hit but not harm! The Airsoft pyrotechnical hand grenades we offer our clients are in the highest level of reality this combat play can achieve – if you ever dreamed of using Hand grenades, or feeling the rush of combat – our products upgrade combat scenarios play to an exclusive reality game.